Why do ignition coils fail?

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Ignition coils refer to a bunch of wires that are literally needed by any car engine during the start-up or ignition process. For engines to work, the right amount of electricity must pass through these electric coils before reaching the spark plugs that complete the ignition process and start the engine. Taking out one part of the engine setup will simply not result to proper engine start-up and may cause damage to various parts including the ignition coils. These coils usually come in pairs with one being configured as the primary coil and the other as the secondary coil. Both electric coils are composed of a network of wires which basically work together to help the engine to start. The problem with some car engines is that the ignition process is not completed due to problems or failure of the ignition coils. One basic reason for this is worn out spark plugs. Before the electric current is able to reach the spark plugs, it must pass through the ignition coils to ensure that the engine will start up at the minimum level of power or electricity. When the spark plugs are damaged or already worn out, they will basically force the ignition coils to work so much harder in terms of electricity flow.
High resistance in the engine department is also said to contribute to ignition failure. Whenever resistance is too high along the electrical wires and plugs, too much heat will be generated by the engine and this will cause damage to the ignition coils. Similar to what happens when they receive too much electrical power, the coils are also destined to fail when they experience overheating coming from the other parts of the engine. Short circuiting along the complex wiring system of the engine coils themselves will also cause them to fail and affect the whole ignition process. Whenever a part of the wire is broken or taken off by damage or natural wear and tear, the right amount of electrical power can pass through efficiently and will eventually lead to coil failure.

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