Why Do Iguanas Bob Their Heads?

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Why Do Iguanas Bob Their Heads?

Healthy iguanas are observed to sneeze in order to remove more salts from their body. It is said that iguanas bob their head as a mark of communication. Iguanas are generally seen to bob their heads. Their head bob is probably to give a warning to others. It is studied that iguanas bob their head when they are excited or disturbed. Head bob by the iguanas was probably done to defend them from any type of threat they face. They are also known to bob their head when they are mating as they get excited due to sexual intercourse. The exact reason for iguanas to bob their head is not known. It can be due to any of the above reasons that they bob their head.

When we classify the iguana bob patterns, fast bob might be an indication that it is ready to fight. Slow bob might be due to sexual excitement. Iguanas were known to bob their head as a mark of greeting others too. It is believed that iguanas bob their head in order to make everyone surrounding them to know that the region is its territory. It is found that male iguanas bob more than females. The slow ‘up and down’ bob is an indication given by iguana that it is there. It also tells us by this type of head bob that it knows about presence of others there. Rapid bob might indicate the sign of aggressiveness. The shudder bob or side to side bob was found to be not that much dangerous. With this type of gesture it wants others to keep away from it.

It is said that if head bob is very fast in sideways as well as up and down then iguana is extremely agitated. It is always better to keep away from male and larger iguanas which perform this type of head bob. Generally iguanas bob their head to show their dominance in the current territory and make others know that it is there.

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