Why do iguanas have a third eye?

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Why do iguanas have a third eye?

There is diversity in animal life. And each and every single unique and exceptional quality makes each animal different from one another. Most people might not know about the fact that Iguanas have third eye. And the age of science as well as curiosity may give rise to the question that why would iguanas have a third eye.

Questioning literally about this would be something very foolish as it is created in such a way by the God. Every single animal has some distinguishing factors. This is a factor among the iguanas. That’s how they have evolved. This third eye of Iguana is situated at the top of the head and this is also known as parietal eye. The vision of the eye is not as strong as the other two eyes as it differs in shape as well as size. The scientific structure is not the same too.

Then is it only a show piece! No, it has functions and roles to play for iguanas. Though the vision is not as strong, it can still see some extent. It uses as a sensor for iguanas as they can detect sensory factors through this third eye. The movements around as well as the changing of light is detected by the iguanas through this eye. This eye doesn’t contain any lens. Still it is one of the most important surviving factors for iguanas as this eye helps them to escape predators, especially those that keep flying in the sky for their prey.

So, this third eye is inevitable for iguanas as it helps them to transmit necessary information to their brain for taking necessary steps according to the needs of the surroundings.

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