Why do immigrants come illegally?

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Why do immigrants come illegally?

Illegal immigration is the act of entering a country by a person or group of people without any possession of formal permission. Due to this rising trend, many countries have become highly vigilant in regulating entry of immigrants, especially from countries where illegal immigration are rampantly practiced, such as Mexico, Guatemala, India, Korea and the Philippines. People can be termed illegal immigrants in one of three ways: by entering without authorization or inspection, by staying beyond the authorized period after legal entry, or by violating the terms of legal entry. The most common method is the visa overstay, whereby one exceeds the given period of stay, one was entitled to. Others cross the borders through smuggling. This kind of operation is handled by individuals informally known as the coyotes. Other, on the other hand, makes use of Border Crossing card, in which holders violate the authorized set of time one can stay in the foreign country.

The major cause of illegal immigration is the low socioeconomic status of other countries, paying particular attention to the third world countries. The pursuit of greater economic opportunities and quality of life in the destination state motivate immigrants to illegally migrate to other well developed countries. More so, the neoclassical economic model contributes to the surging desire of many people, since it looks only at the probability of success in immigrating and finding employment, and the increase in real income an illegal immigrant can expect. Poverty is another cause that leads most people to indulge in migration in an illegal manner. The lack of resources, poor economy, and slow development of many poor countries urge many people to resort in illegal immigration.

Until today, countless number of people still desire to be successful by migrating to rich foreign nations.

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