Why Do Immigrants Come To America?

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Immigrants_on_deck_of_steamer_-Germanic.-The United States tops other nations in immigration history as providing new home for people in search of a better life. Like the statue of Liberty in Bedloe’s Island, its arms are opened to embrace people from other lands to fulfill promises and opportunities of the American Dream.

Who are the Americans today?

Do you know that except for pure Native Americans, all the people in America are actually of immigrant descent? Native Americans are the indigenous people composed of several, different tribes and ethnic groups. Several have survived intact from sovereign nations. Many have family-members residing in this country. By family-sponsored immigration, any citizen of the United States can sponsor any relative – spouse who is foreign-born, parents, minor, an unmarried & married adult, and male & female siblings.

There are many reasons why immigrants flocked to American shores:

1. To live in freedom.

It is wonderful to live freely; not to be under the control or in the power of another and able to act or be done as one wish. In the annals of history, people had capitalized their blood, sweat and tears, more specifically giving up their lives to freely practice their faith; to ward off poverty or oppression, and to lead better lives for themselves and their children. Such conditions are only possible when one lives in freedom.

2. To become prosperous.

The money-game is the reason for immigration as U.S. employer can offer better pay to their workers compared to other nations. For years, economic growth has surpassed population growth so America needs manpower to produce and earn more. With more money, an immigrant has gained prosperity and a better life for him and family. Actually, based on very recent study found that despite all considerations, immigrants are indispensable to the country’s economy. The study also found that immigrants are a Plus for the Economy. Immigrants and their children bring long-term economic benefits to the United States as a whole. Immigrants add about $10 billion each year to the U.S. economy.

3. To enjoy a lower cost of living.

Another reason why many immigrants from European countries go to the U.S. is that the cost of living is much higher than in the USA. In France and England, minimum wages are higher than most of the U.S. does, but things are so much more expensive so workers can afford less stuff. So with this incentive plus the lure of political liberties, they move to America. Others just come to visit and amazed with these benefits decide to enjoy permanent stay.

4. To live under one of the best political systems in the world. .

People move to America to live under one of the best political systems in the world. Immigrants find that it is easier for them to begin a new life and realize their dreams in this country. Looking back, America were formed and constructed by immigrants of many descents as: Africans, British, French, Latins, Spanish and from many cultures. The legal issue is to come apply as immigrant to the country and become a productive individual in search of your dreams.

5. To get better education.

Educational institutions in the Land of the Brave & Free offer you so much options: freedom to move from one University or department from another, take a course of your choice, improve your GPA, apply for free education and even work while pursuing your studies.

And more good reason:

The cities in the United States are greener that offers a much cleaner environment. No poisoned food is sold on the streets as food safety is top priority. The government initiates measures to minimize air pollution. On the lighter side is the wide array of entertainment: from the TV to the websites bringing Hollywood life at your doorsteps.

There are the reasons why people gave America so many positive monikers: as the land of opportunity – the land of milk and honey and the Promised Land.

Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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