Why Do Indians Wear Turbans?

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smoker-1034872_640Why do Indians wear turbans?

The turban is the dressing of the head where it is tied around the inner hat on the head. The turban is originated in Asia and is made of a long scarf. The turban color might differ and it can exist in various shapes and sizes. The length of it can go beyond five meters. Some Indians belonging to Punjab and Rajasthan as well as Kannada people wear turbans. Sikhs continue wearing turban as part of their religious laws. Both men and women in the Sikh community are not allowed to cut their hair. The continuous growth of their hair is managed by the use of turbans. Most people in western countries who wear turban are Sikhs.

The turbans used by the Rajasthan people vary and the style of the turban alters when we travel for every 15 kilometers distance. In some regions of Rajasthan, the size of the turban will describe about the status and position of the person in the society. The usage of Turbans in different parts of India indicates the symbol of Royalty with various styles that are used. In another place called Mysore and in Kodagu of Karnataka state, the people present there wear Turbans called as Mysore Peta. It is the tradition of the people in that region that those invited as chief guests and other distinguished guests should be honored with Mysore Peta. This awarding ceremony will be celebrated as a formal party. In the district of Kodagu, people will wear Turban as a matching for their traditional dresses, which they wear occasionally, like in the marriages.

The people of Himachal Pradesh and Haryana states also have this tradition of wearing the Turbans. In the case of Sikhs, it is compulsory according to their religious laws while in the case of others they do it as part of their culture. Basically, it is the custom in India among many of the Hindus in North India and in some places of South India to wear Turbans. Men wear Turbans while the women will cover their head and back with their Sarees.

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