Why Do Injuries Swell?

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Why Do Injuries Swell?

This is the natural healing process of our body or most people think. When we receive injuries for example an ankle or a leg injury, our body sends aids to help the muscles and nerves to recover. The cells in our body then concentrate its efforts on the damaged area which is visible through swells. That is not really true, swelling is a natural reaction and it could lead to more harm than good. When we have a serious injury, it is best to reduce the swelling at all cost.

The swelling destroys the vessels near the injury because it restricts the blood from going to their designated areas. The blood flow slows down because of the injury and it could cause complications later on. The inflammation process starts when blood and other cells rush to the affected area as a natural reaction. Ruptured nerves and blood vessels may also cause swelling because the liquids have nowhere else to go.

Swells from injuries can be painful to the touch. Applying ice on the injured area will reduce swelling and applying hot packs later on will encourage proper blood circulation. It is important to consult a doctor when you have injuries that cause swells. This type of injury is either work related or sports related. When we apply too much pressure on any part of our body and something happens like an accident, it might cause our muscles, tissues and even blood vessels to stretch or even be damaged.

Swelling will definitely occur so it is best to apply first aid on the injured area as soon as possible. Applying bandages or at times using a stick and bandage on the injured area will help reduce the risk of greater damage to the muscles, nerves and even the bones. Treatment should be done regularly to yield better results.

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