Why Do Jews Wear Skull Caps?

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Why Do Jews Wear Skull Caps?

Jewish people are an ethno religious group merged by a common religious belief. The Jewish people that originate from the Israelites or the Hebrews in the Ancient Near East have a traditional religion known as Judaism. The Jews are known to be descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Notice that Jewish people wear skull caps? Why is this practiced? And how is it related to their beliefs and traditions?

The skull cap is also known as kippah in Hebrew and yarmulke in Yiddish. Its English term is skull cap. It is a custom head covering which signifies humility for men and the mere acknowledgement that someone supreme is ‘above, them and refers to it as God. The Jewish people cover their heads to show that they are servants of God.

The covering of the head with this kippah or yarmulke are common to servants in Ancient Rome. Servants were required then to wear this skull caps while free men are not. During the hours of prayer or even the whole day, they also wear the skull cap. In some places, the wearing of a skull cap represents ones political affiliation as that of yeshiva.

Some of the non-orthodox Jews do not wear the skull caps all the time as some would refer to it as the special practice of the pious. But some movements do believe that I wearing skull caps am a means of showing respect and regard and a recognition of their religious group. With that, they recommend certain practices that one must wear the skull cap. The skull cap can be worn when one is in the synagogue, if a Jew is praying and reading the sacred scriptures, performing a ritual, and during eating at the time of benediction. A benediction is a form of invocation seeking help, guidance and blessing. This custom lives on as this also signifies the social significance of the Jewish people.

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