Why Do Jews wear Yamakaas?

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Why Do Jews wear Yamakaas?

The Jewish culture has always been a fascinating and deeply religious one in every aspect of the word. There have been Holy Wars waged against and by the Jewish people because of their strength and belief in God and all of the works of His people. One of the more symbolic visuals people can actually see of this strength and belief is the wearing of a yamaka, the skull cap that is often seen being work by people of the Jewish faith while they are at Temple or just meandering throughout the streets of Jerusalem.

The meaning behind the wearing of these yamakas varies depending on who you ask, but the best one that I found would have to be another reasons why their faith is so incredible and the thought process behind the meaning is also quite amazing. To some people of the Jewish faith, the yamaka symbolizes that God is always looking down on His people and watching out for them from above. Wearing the yamaka means having God’s hand always touching you and keeping you safe throughout all of life’s trials and tribulations. Similar to what Jesus stated in the Bible.

I think this explanation of the meaning behind the wearing of the yamakas is one of the more beautiful stories I have ever read before in my life. I may not be a person of Jewish faith, but that does not mean I do not see the beauty and truth meaning behind their religious faith and visions. The yamaka might sometimes look a little bit silly on some peoples’ heads, but the faith behind that little piece of cloth is much more important and stronger than any fashion statement that could ever be made. This strength in faith has brought some treacherous times for the Jewish people, but they would not trade it in for anything in the world.

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