Why do kenyans run so fast?

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Why do kenyans run so fast?

Kenyans are the people inhabiting the Republic of Kenya. As inhabitants of the country, they are more commonly associated with the label people in the land of ostriches, as Kenya means place with ostriches. The Kenya people are very diverse and include most linguistic and ethnic groups in Africa. In general terms, Kenyans are friendly and relaxed kind of people. They always find to engage in leisure activities, have a cup of tea and have some small gatherings from time to time.

Along with their great personality is their passion for outdoor activities and sports. In the world of sports, many have noticed that Kenyans dominate any field that entails running. As this continues to exist until today, many have already asked why Kenyans run so fast. Over the years of studying this phenomenon, a battle between nature and nurture has been put into hot seat. Taking the side of nurture, it is a fact that the vast majority of Kenya’s brightest running stars were born and raised at high altitude. Running at higher elevations builds greater lung capacity, because athletes grow accustomed to the thinner air. It has also been claimed that Kenyans run their way to schools, during their childhood days, making them run faster compared to average human beings. In the light of nature, Physiology and genetics may also factor into the Kenyans’ accomplishments. Their long and slender naturally allow them to stride at a farther distance, creating a much faster speed.

However, it is quite imperative that the concepts of nature and nurture go together to produce fast running Kenyans. In the absence of genetic influence, Kenyans may not be able to run as fast as they are able to and same is true when constant nurturing is not present.

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