Why Do Knives Have Holes?

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Why Do Knives Have Holes?

If you are a chef, you are probably familiar with different types of knives and their designs. One unique kind of knife is those with a hole. What are these holes for? Usually, knives with holes are used for cutting cheese. The holes keep the cheese from sticking to the blade of the knife. Cheese will not stick to this kind of knife because there is less surface to stick on unlike with natural types of knives.

Another reason why there is a hole in the blade of the knife is to reduce the weight of the knife so that it will become more comfortable and convenient to grip and use. It will be easy for the cook to slice the ingredients because the knife is lighter. The lighter weight also adds up to the speed of the cook in preparing and cutting the ingredients.

Another interesting reason is for the benefit of the manufacturer. If there is hole in the knife, there will be less steel being used. Through this, the manufacturer can save with the materials and production cost.

Some manufacturers may also want to create knives with style and sophistication. The hole may catch the attention of the buyers. The holes also makes the knives look more interesting to look at. The hole design can add to sale of the knife because people may just prefer to buy something that looks unique rather than its functionality.

There are knives with only one hole. Usually, the hole is situated in the tip because this has a purpose. That hole can be used for hanging the knives. In a kitchen the knives are often hang so that children could not reach them. These are also hanged in secure places so that the knives will not cause any harm in case these will fall off.

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