Why do knives rust

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Why do knives rust

Knives rust because it is usually made out of steel. Steel is a type of alloy that contains iron, and iron is prone to rusting. Even stainless steel that is made to resist stain and corrosion is likely to rust which is contrary to popular belief.

Expensive flatware is normally hammered out using stainless steel that contains chromium and substantial levels of carbon. Steels with high level of carbon are subject to oxidation that is rust.

Aside from its physical component, there are other reasons why knives easily rust and this may due to both improper use and storage of the knife, or a result of the knife’s normal deterioration condition wherein it loses its rust-proof coating after being used for some time.

Experts’ advice in order to prevent rusting on the knife is by removing all stain that it gets especially when used in cutting foods that are rich in salt or acid content. Citrus fruits and tomatoes are known to cause oxidation on steel knives because of its acidity.

It also helps to prevent rusting on knife if it is properly stored after using. Leaving the knife wet after cleaning can easily cause rusting, so it is better to wipe them dry right away and store the knife in a place where it is segregated from other kitchen materials that rust like cheaper knives or steel wool.

Knife producers also warn against the use of dishwashers in cleaning knives. Leaving the knife in dishwasher, even for a short time, can lead to the development of rust which is why it is still best to wash kitchen knives by the hand.

It should also be taken into consideration that a knife that is used and cleaned on a daily basis is less likely to rust as compared to knives that are rarely used.

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