Why Do Ladybugs have Spots?

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Why Do Ladybugs have Spots?

Lady bugs are known to have spots for protecting themselves or for giving warning to others. Lady bugs appear in red or orange color and they may have black or white or gold color spots. There is an opinion that lady bugs tell the predators through the spots that they are bad and bitter when they are eaten. Some ladybugs are found with black with red spots. The various kinds of markings and spots on the ladybugs can be utilized for the identification of a particular species and in classifying them. Many entolomologists believe that lady bugs have a red color and black spots mostly to warn the predators that they are poisonous and they are not to be eaten. The body of the ladybug has a chemical that is bitter to the taste. Lady bugs when eaten by a bird make it sick for a while and frighten the bird. The bird will remember the pattern of spots on the bug and will never want to eat another bug again.
There are several myths on the lady bugs. There is a story in Brussels that when a lady bug sits on someone, the number of spots on that bug will indicate the number of children he will have. Several farmers believe that the number of spots on the lady bug that falls on you will tell the fate of the next crop and the extent that one can reap from it. If the spots are less than seven then you will reap much better. There is another belief that when a lady bug sits on you, count the number of spots on it and you are believed to get that many numbers of dollars. Whatever may be the story on the spots of the lady bugs, their spots decorate their bodies to make them appear beautiful to the world.

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