Why do Latinos join gangs?

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Why do Latinos join gangs?

One of the Hispanic street gangs that were started long back in United States was called as The Almighty Latin King and queen nation”. It was a large and effective organization. In somewhere around 1940s this gang began to exist in Chicago, Illinois. People from Mexico and Puerto Rica formed part of this Latin Kings gang which started in Chicago. The motto of these gangs was to eliminate racial discrimination. This organization was later transformed into a criminal organization which started as a small establishment called Kings” otherwise known as Latin Kings”. The two bodies known as Motherland (KMC, King Motherland Chicago) and Bloodline in New York were the two ways of operations carried out by the Latin Kings.

The structure of the establishment of Latin Kings was categorized as sets. These sets were named as chapters. This organization of criminals has a leader who was known as Coronas”. The Latin Kings gang allows the people from other countries to take part in their work. Totally, this gang has created around 60 chapters established in about 158 cities and distributed in 31 states. The Motherland category of the Latin Kings was stemmed from the Bloodline category with a share in its culture and structure. This gang survives by distributing powder cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and crack cocaine. The community level criminal activities like burglary, assaulting, identity theft, money laundering and homicide are some of the functions of Latinos gang.

The males were called as Latin Kings and females in the group were named as Latin queens. The Latino gang people gave importance to self respect, independence, family support, ethnic identity and self empowerment. The women are more tempted to join this gang due to the above agenda possessed by the Latino gang. The women would join when they are addicted by the drug, or neglected by the spouse or family. The matters related to improvement of private life reflected in life at home, getting protection, and in gang development was frequently focused on, by these gang people. The Latino gang people are more concerned in safe-guarding the interests of their communities.

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