Why do lawyers in england wear wigs?

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Why do lawyers in england wear wigs?

As part of most judicial branches of governments in many countries, it has been a common practice that hearings and other legal proceedings are done within the confines of a court. A court is the most apt venue where a trial is being held, in the presence of the duly accounted individuals. At every instance that trials are held, it is a must that lawyers and judges are presented for the proceeding to push through in the legal manner. As part of observing formality, court dresses are imposed, especially to those who are participating in the conduction of such trials. Court dress is typically comprised of the specific types of clothing to be worn during the court trial. It is part of the prescriptions given to almost all courts of law. Even in the accounts of history, court dress was imposed for royal courts.

In the country of England, court dress is worn at hearings in open court in all Senior Courts of England and Wales and in county courts. Part of the court dress in England courts is the wearing of wigs among lawyers and sometimes of judges. This tradition has often come into question since England today is evidently within the lifestyle of advancement. Although it is not part of the law, lawyers in England are still in the practice of wearing wigs primarily because they want to uphold the tradition that their elders had left behind. Wearing of wigs also signifies equality and absence of biases in going through legal proceedings of the court. Wearing of wigs among lawyers in England is done to prevent the court room from turning into a place of personalities as well as being a personalized venue.

Despite its peculiarity, the English tradition lives on.

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