Why do Leopard geckos dig?

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Why do Leopard geckos dig?

Leopard gecko’s habit of digging can be troublesome to many people. This act of geckos can be considered as if something was wrong in their living style. Digging is the normal activity of these animals. The front claws of the geckos are meant for activities like digging. The leopard gecko does the process of digging to move away from the sun, to escape from predators, or to look for food. If the leopard finds its food deep in the ground, then it will not resist itself to start digging.

One of the reasons behind digging is to escape from excess heat in the tank. In order to make the tank environment cool, leopards will attempt to bring down the temperatures. Leopard gecko will survive well at 90 degrees temperature and like to live in cooler temperatures to make their bodies cool. The habitat where the lizard lives has to have temperatures as, early 80 degrees or mid 70 degrees.
Lizards are nocturnal animals and hence they generally prefer to be away from light during the day time. Geckos generally dig to create hideaways so that they can survive without any discomfort and they do not have problem of shedding. If the substrate is used as sand for the leopard gecko, sometimes they face digestive problems and tend to do unpredictable things like digging. The act of digging can result from any stress or any other life style of the gecko.
As leopard sleeps in the day time and remains awakened in the nights, it requires a cool place to live in. Hence, they prefer to dig a hole and stay there. It was found that the pregnant gecko performs digging so that it can lay eggs safely and securely in the hole. It appears sometimes that leopard digs for finding food and take some rest in that place.

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