Why Do Lions Roar?

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Why Do Lions Roar?

Like all other unique sounds that are made by other animals, roaring is also a signature for communication in the case of the lion which is generally considered as the king of the forest.Being a king, the lion has to protect its group. The lion will have its own group which can consist of female and male lions as well as their off-springs. This group has to keep in touch with one another though they are away from one another by about twenty square miles or so. Roaring is a phenomenon by which the lion can communicate with its group members in various different ways for various different reasons.
When the lion that acts as the head of the group moves far away in order to patrol its territory, the lions from another region may enter this territory. The female lioness after observing the entry of the foreigner lions will listen silently and watch the cubs communicating with it. The roar of the male lions will drive away the fear of the group members that the king lion is protecting them in their own territory from the intruders. The roar of the male lion also indicates that it is telling other group members that they are safe from the intruders.
The roar of a male lion is known to have the power to reach up to 5 miles to the human ear. But it is still not clear how far a lion can hear the roar. It is observed that lions are able to communicate among themselves even beyond that distance. Hence it is clear that lions have better hearing capacity than humans. Lions are noticed to be roaring mostly at night times when they are very active. It is also surprising to know that lions roar only if they are in their own territory. If a lion goes into another territory without its knowledge, it remains silent until it is sure that it has reached its own territory.

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