Why Do Lungs Feel Spongy?

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Why Do Lungs Feel Spongy?

Inhale and Exhale, feel the air as it moves in and out of your body. The usual words we hear from any yoga class, aerobic class, calisthenics, or even in meditation or relaxation exercises. Everyday in our lives up to the millisecond, we breathe without having taking control of it; it has always been an involuntary mechanism of our body.

For us Homo sapiens, the lungs are one of the vital and essential organs of the human body. Anatomically, it is located in the chest cavity enclosed and protected by the pulmonary pleura. The lungs are 2 organs or paired organs with about 10-12 inches in length and its cardinal function is for respiration or exchange of gases inside and outside the body.

In taking up the different characteristics of the lungs, people question why do lungs feel spongy or why does it have a spongy appearance? In order to understand that, we shall examine the different parts of the lungs so to project a clear picture on our mind. It was said above that the lungs are made up of paired organs. Both are made up of lobes or sections. The right lung is made up of three lobes, while the left lung is made up of 2 lobes. The shape of the lungs are that as of like a cone, it has elastic characteristics and made up of spongy tissues. These spongy tissues are called alveoli. This is the main reason why the lungs feel spongy and its porous feature makes them similar to an actual sponge.

The lungs have millions of alveoli in them and allow air to be absorbed in a brief period of time allowing oxygen to be absorbed in the blood stream. This is the site where gas exchange happens. Knowing these vital functions, take good care of your lungs for it is one of the primary parts for biological survival.

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