Why do magnets affect plant growth?

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A magnet is any object that has a magnetic field. The most common magnet is the bar magnet which is a rectangular magnet with a positive and negative ends. Magnets have various applications and one of them is involved in plant growth – magnets affect plant growth.

In 1862, Louis Pasteur was experimenting on the fundamentals of fermentation when he discovered that magnets, when used in plants, had an effect on plant growth. There were three ways involving magnetism which affected plant growth: geomagnetism, magnetized seeds, and magnetized water.

Geomagnetism is the magnetic property of the Earth. The earth is considered to be a magnet. The magnetic field magnets produce is felt by plants and affects the plant’s growth. Just as gravity pulls the roots of the plants toward the Earth, magnetism hastens up the growth of the plant.

Magnets also affect the seeds of the plant. This treatment not only increases the germination rate, but also increases protein formation. Increase in protein allows seeds to grow strong root systems. Thus, plants with seeds that are treated magnetically produce stronger plants. Besides this, the fruit produced by plants with seeds affected by magnets are of higher quality because they ripen at a much slower pace.

Water can be magnetized and can also affect plant growth. According to the Zeitgeist movement, studies at the National Research Centre in Egypt which showed that plants were able to grow to up to 39% larger when magnetized water was used. In other studies, it was said that plants were able to grow to up to 600% larger.

Magnets affect plant growth because the magnetic field produced can alter the growth of the plants in various ways, since the plant responds to the magnetic field that is introduced by the magnet. If studies continue to give positive results, the use of magnets to affect plant growth and strength can be employed in the field of agriculture.

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