Why do matadors wear pink socks?

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Matadors, or bullfighters, are not only famous for their impressive skills in bullfighting but are also known for their colourful and elaborate costumes and capes. One of the most notable parts of the matador’s costume are the pink socks. Out of all the colours available, many people have wondered why many matadors choose to wear pink socks. Although some matadors wear a variety of colours when it comes to socks and other items, the pink colour has attracted the attention of many.

Many people believe that wearing pink socks dates back to the past wherein it was tradition to wear the brightest colours.  Matadors in the past were said to be classified based on their talent, nobility, and class. Bright colours, such as pink, were associated with the most noble and the most classy group of matadors, and back then producing pink fabric was said to be the most difficult.  And so bullfighters that are able to wear pink socks are seen as top class.  Along with the intricate design and embroidery of the matador jacket and tight-fitting pants, pink socks also add to the visual fashion statement of bullfighters which are highly-influenced by traditional costumes of the past.

There are also various superstitions regarding any colour in Spain.  And when talking about pink, this particular colour is said to bring good luck. By wearing pink socks, matadors are said to be inviting luck to their side when inside the arena and showing off their skills against the bulls.  With luck associated with the pink colour, it is also common for bullfighters, or matadors, to have pink on one side of their capes instead of the more common red. Others, meanwhile, consider pink as one colour that can easily attract the attention of bulls and consider this as the reason why matadors wear socks in this colour.

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