Why do maxi pads have wings?

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Women who are menstruating use sanitary napkins or pads to help absorb the menstrual flow during their periods. These pads typically come with different shapes, sizes, and thickness.  For days wherein the menstrual flow is very minimal or not heavy, women may use thin pads or napkins that are classified as panty-liners. For so-called heavy days, many women may opt for thicker sanitary pads.  Some of these thick pads are labelled as “maxi” pads and feature wings.  The wings are added to the standard shape of sanitary pads in order to increase comfort by means of securing the pad onto the underwear.  The wings basically serve the purpose of side hinges that can fold onto the underwear to limit the movement of the pad and secure it in place.

For women, there are days wherein the menstrual flow is very heavy and having thicker pads is the best option to control this situation.  Having maxi pads with wings gives that extra comfort since it ensures that the pad stays in place. This is especially helpful to women who engage in active lifestyles. Women who engage in sports and other adventurous activities for example may use maxi sanitary pads with wings during their heavy days.  These maxi pads are designed for increased comfort and security at these special times. Without the wings, the pads may not stay in place and may cause leaking during heavy menstrual periods.  Even if the sanitary pad is thick, there is no assurance that the pad can provide the best comfort and security during active days.  With the wings on maxi pads, many women go through their days with ease and comfort despite their strong menstrual flow.

There are also women who prefer to use maxi pads with wings when sleeping at night.  In order to prevent leaking on to the underwear, clothes, and even the bed, the best pads to use during sleeping are maxi pads with wings.  For the same reason with activity-filled days, the wings on maxi pads provide extra comfort even during sleeping time.

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