Why Do Men Abuse Women?

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Why Do Men Abuse Women?

The main reason that men do and can continue to abuse women is simply because there has never been much punishment throughout the whole history of the human species for abusive men. Men have always been dominant, and thus they have never been punished for such abuse. There are many theories behind what makes a man want to abuse women, all of which are very negative, and other conditions which make a man more likely to abuse women, but the actual causes are very simple ‘š because they think they are allowed, and so they do. This, however, is absolutely not true. Men are not allowed to abuse women; this is illegal. But they still try to, and do, because they still believe that they have the right to. This will require much hard work, both through legal laws and

women simply standing up for themselves, to stop this.

Conditions that affect abuse are those that affect the stress levels in the household: chemical and substance abuse, any sort of economic hardship, family disturbances and dysfunction, lack or religion or spirituality, lack of good communication skills and many, many others. Again these are not why men abuse, but simply conditions that can make it more likely for men to abuse. Men abuse because they want to keep control over their women, because it is a very effective method ‘š this method also keeps them under control, out of fear, and the abuser is not affected in any negative way. There are also many characteristics of men that make the more likely to abuse, characteristics that are common amongst violent women abusers ‘š these are not education level, ethnicity, class or other such demographics, because abusers come from all sorts of backgrounds and groups. A typical abuser sees women as objects, without any respect, and often only as sexual objects, made to serve his need. He has low self-esteem, and thus abusing gives him a feeling of power, even though he may appear successful. He will find excuses for his behavior, and blame it on other factors other than himself ‘š this will often extend to other parts of his life, shifting the blame away from himself. He may be very charming and likable outside of his violence.

If your partner has any of these warning signs, this doesn’t mean he will start to abuse you. But be aware that his issues may escalate, and that you could be in the line of fire if he does begin to abuse. If you are being abused, do not be afraid to seek help ‘š there are many different programs that will shelter you and the rest of your family so that you can continue with a normal life, and they will help keep you safe and get you started back on your feet.

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