Why do Men and Women communicate Differently?

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Why do Men and Women communicate Differently?

If you were ever in a relationship with the opposite sex, be it platonic or romantic, which is very likely to happen in your lifetime, you would notice how sometimes women think of men as insensitive and crass beings while on the other hand, men think of women as to sensitive, emotional and in a more general phrase,¦ women are complicated! It seems that the differences between men and women are not limited to the physical aspects of their being but comprise of their chemical composition as well; emotional, psychological and even mental. If you happen to observe behaviors between men and women, you’d see how greatly they differ in the way that they relate to others, how they act and even how they think.

In past studies, a general conclusion about men and women was derived from a lot of behavioral research. Men are more often than not raised to be crisis solvers, doers and more rational individuals, while women on the other hand, are often bred to be the communicators who are more expected to be understanding and feeling. While men are straight to the point and are often knowledgeable of what they want and ought to do, women tend to weigh things a little more before acting because a lot of emotions are involved in the decisions that they make.

A lot of research has been done that discovered that men are more focused on the external aspects of their being, like troubleshooting and taking immediate actions when trouble or crisis arises. Meanwhile, women focus more on pleasing others or making harmonious connections with the people around then thus leaving them the burden of having to comprehend and share the same sentiments with others even if they are not really required too. So perhaps, gaining a better understanding of how men and women work can probably create a much more harmonious relationship between the two species.

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