Why do Men Become Gynecologists?

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Why do Men Become Gynecologists?

Some consider this as a sexist question and may be interpreted in more ways than one. The real answer to this question is that, some doctors (men) don’t know on which field of medicine they would end up practicing. Some of them didn’t even imagine becoming an OB/GYN from the start and was later surprised when they become gynecologists themselves.

This does matter especially to women. Since men are the opposite sex, we have our own reservations and we would sometimes ask them the question ‘Why?, When doctors practice medicine, they are subjected to different fields and the years to take each courses is also a factor. There are a lot of men that become OB/GYN’s, as women become nurses. This is an honest profession and if a person chose this job out of ‘perversion,, he would not last long in the medical world due to lawsuits for sexual harassment and the likes.

Male OB/GYN’s are mentally prepared when questioned about their morality. True enough, a woman will find it hard for a man to check on her most private part. The doctor on his part will just say ‘If you’ve seen one vagina, you’ve seen them all,. Men and women in society are free to choose the jobs that they think they would be able to do well. Even the most questionable of jobs is not an exemption.

Women can become astronauts when people believed that only men are suitable for the job. They can be race car drivers, airplane pilots, policewomen and the list goes on. It is unfair to judge a person because he is the opposite sex and is doing something that ‘YOU, think that only women should do. If men would think the same, then the debate would pile up without and end.

At the end of the day, the most important thing in a doctor and patient relationship is ‘Trust,.

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