Why Do Men Fall In Love?

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Why Do Men Fall In Love

Falling in love is one magical experience that can happen to two people. Most people say that women fall in love faster compared to men. However, men fall in love too and when they do, they fall hard. Some say its biological, some say it’s all in the head. One sure thing is that falling in love really depends on the personality of the person as well as his preferences.

Men fall in love differently. Some men fall in love when they meet a woman that they feel superior to. The man is said to be the provider of all things in a relationship. They like it when they can be the knight in shining armor to a damsel in distress. This satisfies the need to be a shoulder to cry on and be the dependable person. They bask in the feeling of being wanted by another person. Being responsible for the happiness of another person as a result of his actions validates his being a man.

Sometimes, the opposite happens. Men fall in love when they feel that a woman is more superior to them. They fall in love because they feel that the other person compensates for their lack of confidence.
Men fall in love because they feel that it is the right time to settle down and grow a family. Of course, the personality of the girl they are with at the moment matters. If the girl has the qualities that he is looking for then most likely, they will say that they have fallen in love and has found the girl of their dreams.

Men fall in love because of various reasons. The most logical reason is that they want to share their lives with someone who they consider special.

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