Why Do Men Find Breasts Attractive?

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Why men love breasts?
How many times have you caught a man staring at a woman’s breast fixedly? Did you think it was perverted or completely disrespectful? Did it make you feel uncomfortable? Well, there are a number of theories and convincing studies that might help you gain an insight into why men just can’t get enough of breasts; whether it’s looking at them, touching them, fondling with them, sucking them ‘“ whatever it is that men can do with and to breasts, the appetite just never runs out.

Here are the five top reasons why men find breasts irresistible.
1. Strengthens bond with partner
According to Larry Young, a psychiatry Professor at Emory University, who devotes his time understanding the basis of brain circuitry drawn from mother-infant bond during breastfeeding to enhance and strengthen the bond between couples. When an infant suckles on their mother’s breast, it stimulates the production of oxytocin which makes the mother more emotional, sentimental, affectionate and loving to the child. The mother’s attention is completely focused on caring and feeding the child. Studies now show that when the nipple is stimulated, for most women, it lightens up the same parts of the brain where vaginal and clitoral stimulation centres are found. In another study done on 153 women, 82% said arousal was more intensified after breast stimulation. And almost 62% of women asked to have their nipples touched and fondled with.

2. Breasts are visually stimulating
Men and women get turned on in different ways. For most women, interaction is important for stimulation. Whether it is being chatted up or caressed to get stimulated. It is a different story for men. Just by looking at firm and full breasts, men get aroused. That is why breasts are the first thing most men look at when they are talking to women. Some like them big, others like them medium size while the rest do not mind the size. Since men like curviness in women, breasts provide that for men. In their perspective, womanhood is represented by curvaceous breasts. And they enjoy looking at them simply because they are really great to look at.

3. A sign of fertility and comfort
Most men judge a woman’s ability to reproduce by their breasts. Fully grown breasts, as it turns out, are a telltale sign that a woman is healthy and ready to bear and nourish an offspring(s). This hypothesis was suggested by some evolutionary biologists. Men also enjoy the feeling breasts with their hands and that is why the temptation to touch or even grab them is sometimes irresistible. Some men claim that just by looking at breasts, their mood changes. So if they are mad or stressed out, a few minutes with their eyes on breasts could do the trick. This is supported by a study that showed that men who looked at breast for at least 15 minutes a day had a longer lifespan and were less burnt out.

4. It is all biological
Breasts have been known to weaken men’s mental faculty which is why they make really bad choices when they are around breasts or anything that looks like breasts e.g. bras. A study on delayed gratification was done on men. There were two groups: men who watched spiritual content and the other watched women with breasts in low-cut tops. Both groups could get a few Euros straightaway or wait a little longer and get more Euros. The men who watched women with a lot of exposed skin in the upper part of their bodies moving in slow-motion opted for instant gratification than the other group.

5. Breasts make women more attractive
Some men like them big while others prefer them small. A number of studies have shown that most men do indeed prefer bigger breasts to small ones. French researchers tested this theory by sending women to sit in cafes alone and see how many would come up to talk them up. As they increased the size of breasts in these women using padded bras so did the number of men who came up to talk to them. In New Zealand researchers decided to use a device that tracked where men looked at when they saw women. Some men were found to be distracted by small boobs for a short while but most men had their gaze fixed and held on women with medium to large size breasts. Even the bra industry supports this notion that the bigger the merrier.

However, English and Malaysian researchers came to a different conclusion. In a study done on 361 men who were shown pictures of women with fully-grown breasts ended up rating them not as attractive as those with medium size breasts. Another study also showed that men from different socioeconomic status had varying appeals when it came to breast sizes. 266 men from different socioeconomic backgrounds were shown photos of women with different breast sizes. Rich men did not seem to care much about the size while middle-class and poor men strongly preferred bigger boobs. This is supported by another study done on 66 Englishmen who were hungry and 58 who had just eaten. The hungry men preferred bigger boobs compared to the ones who had just eaten.

Men may not share the same taste in breast sizes but they sure do share a common interest in loving breasts. Big, small, tiny ‘“ whatever the size, breasts are what draw most men to women.


Author: Neema Araka

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