Why do Men Have Estrogen?

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Why do Men Have Estrogen?

Just to make things clear, men have estrogen as women have testosterone. Estrogen in men makes the difference in bone density between the two genders. Since men have a slightly bulkier build than women does, estrogen may be responsible in maintaining the bone health in men. This fact is still being studied and a more definite result is yet to come.

Estrogen in women affects their moods. It is a hormone that controls the bodily functions of a woman’s body. These even include parts of the brain responsible for emotion. While the estrogen in women regulates their growth and monthly ‘cycles,, it is really a surprise that men have their own share of this hormone. Maybe men are more feminine than they originally think they are.

Age is an important factor in estrogen when it concerns men and women. There are risks when too much estrogen metabolites is present in the body. The result in hormone imbalance can lead to health problems in regards to normal aging. Women are more prone to osteoporosis than men. But still, men can have osteoporosis in the declining years of their lives.

A balanced estrogen/testosterone level in men promote healthy ‘libido,, improve moods, healthier heart and it helps strengthen the bones. Excess estrogen may lead to less testosterone, stress, fatigue, weaker bones, loss of sexual interest and an increase in body fat.
Estrogen in men should not be taken lightly. It can be as helpful as it can be damaging to the body. The saying that goes ‘Too little is not enough, and too much is a problem, a double edged sword is a good metaphor for estrogen.

Men also have their own ‘feminine, side and now you know the reason why. It is an important part of the body and men can also use a more feminine touch, every once in a while.

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