Why do Men join the Military?

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Why do Men join the Military?

It might be right that more men get inspired or attracted towards joining military service. As far as I know I saw many boys who have the born instinct of enjoying the heroic fights done by the actors in the movies. Most of the men intend to satisfy tough roles in their lives. Whenever any dangerous situation arises in our life where our life is at stake, most of the men try to rescue others along with themselves. Most of the women look forward for any help from men in that situation. This is a general inner quality of men and women. Of course it may not be true in all the cases and in all the situations.

When a man watches a war practically happening in front of him he gets mostly inspired by it while women extends only sympathy to the warriors and at the most pray for them. It is the natural instinct and tendency of the men to be able to fight for the nation using weapons legally. Some men like to possess honor, discipline, sense of duty and patriotism. Hence they like to join military.

If we keep aside the feelings, emotions and passions of the men to choose military life there are some more reasons for men to join military. Some of them are: military is a steady and secure job, poor people who want to have free college will join military, the military skills are picked up by some people who could not pick up other skills properly, military people get chance to travel all over the world which can be achieved by a non-military person with his own expenses, the military employees are given many facilities and incentives which are not given to employees of any other fields, military employees get shelter and food free of cost, they are respected by everyone as they are patriotic towards the nation than others.

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