Why Do Men Jump Higher than Women?

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Why Do Men Jump Higher than Women?

It has been a long time struggle for women to be equal to men. It took a long time in history before finally getting the respect women deserve. Nowadays, women are seen more to be equal to men. But, in some areas for some reason, women just can’t get even.

Women can get into men’s world already such as business and even politics. But, women can never have more testosterone then men. Men jump higher than women because of that advantage in biological make-up.

It is a matter of testosterone. These hormones enable men to reproduce, the same way estrogen does to women. But, the former is more dynamic than the latter. To what extent do they take over the estrogen? Testosterones do not only do reproductive function, but also hemoglobin production. Women have ten to fifteen percent lower red blood cells than men. They do not make enough red blood cells as men, not to mention that they menstruate regularly. The more red blood cells men have, the more oxygen they can produce for added strength.

Testosterones also promote growth of the male muscular system. That is why men are more muscled than women. These muscles are men’s edge to doing more than women can. It also affects empowers the strength. That includes jumping higher. Men also are usually taller. Since we are talking about jumping, height is an issue here. Men being taller than women can certainly jump at a higher measure than women.

Women, having a lower level of Testosterone than men, end up with a lower Type 2 muscle fibers make-up. These are body components that fuels power and strength. With this fact, it only means men can generate more power through testosterone. They have a performance advantage. It is a proof that some biological factors cannot be altered.

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