Why Do Men make Women Jealous?

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Why Do Men make Women Jealous?

Turnabout is fair play in the dating world. If a man is jealous, he will probably try to inspire that in his girl. In the modern mating/dating game, men have more feelings of jealousy ‘š not women.
Genetically speaking, a male’s feelings of jealousy are derived from years of evolution. Men are more likely to be jealous of their mate’s activities based on ingrained feelings. Look at history; before modern birth control, two major risks of sexual liaisons were disease and pregnancy. If your wife strayed, how could you be sure if the child was actually yours? There were no paternity tests. You could spend all of the time and resources you had through the course of your life raising another man’s child. Of course, the same man raising someone else’s son, might also be unaware that his own infidelity resulted in a child with another woman.
Anthropologists could point out human societies where polygamy is completely acceptable. Various religions even have standpoints. In Islam, a man may have up to four wives. The tradition is based on the Prophet Mohammed’s relationships after the death of his wife. Mohammed married multiple widows in order to care for them because they had nobody else. Of course, some societies, fearing the infidelity of wives, have the females circumcised.
Let’s not live in the past. The jealousy of today ‘š for both men and women ‘š has taken root in social networking. Even if you are a ‘Facebook official, (a relationship status is publicly posted), jealousy in our culture stems from this social networking site.
Facebook stalking is a common occupation amongst men and women. Both sexes add and associate with former boyfriends and girlfriends all the time. Of course even if it were all right for a woman to have her man talking with his high school sweetheart, what about all of the other female Facebook friends he hasn’t told her about?
Jealousy is a universal emotion cemented in our DNA and social mores, whether it is done purposefully or not. Both men and women feel it and inflict it on one another because it is in our nature.

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