Why do Men play “games” with Women?

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Why do Men play ‘games’ with Women?

‘At one second he’s head-over-heels for you then suddenly he just disappears., A lot of women can relate to this matter. Most of those who experience this situation find their partners or potential partners ‘suddenly disappearing’ or changing at one point or another. First they flood you with heart-warming text messages, every-minute calls, send gifts then treat you out on exciting dates and after some time they suddenly don’t contact you anymore. At some cases, when you decide to let them go, they come back doing their ‘love-me, routine that got you hooked up the first time. So why do men play these games?

First of all, we need to understand that men are naturally born with a big ‘ego,. Men don’t like to share about their issues especially with women. But we need to realize that just like us, they also feel fear. Fear of being rejected, abandoned and push-away. They also get scared of being tied-up in a commitment or getting too serious and intimate. Although some of them are genuine with what they feel, because of their issues they unintentionally deliver the wrong message which causes confusion and frustration in most relationships. I suggest you talk with your partner and settle this problem as soon as possible.

Another reason why men play games is because they benefit from it. They use it as some sort of test in choosing their women. Some men get turned-off with women who easily shows interest with them or who shows a sign of being ‘needy’ and ‘demanding.’

Lastly, there are those certain kinds of men who love to play games because they want to show superiority in their relationship. They demand things from their partner but their partner cannot demand in return.

In conclusion, before we point our fingers on all the men, let’s admit that this is not a gender issue. In our generation, both men and women play games with each other. It’s just a matter of who wins and who loses. So let’s not be quick to judge. Men do this because they have problems just like us.

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