Why Do Men Run Faster than Women?

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Why Do Men Run Faster than Women?

Gender equality is an undying issue. Women are perceived to be inferior to men from ancient times. Now, women are able to do things that men do. Society can accept women as equal to men, but biological factors cannot be altered.

Men run faster than women. It is not a chauvinist observation, but it is a fact. Evident in marathons, even women record holders can not be faster than men. Men run faster than women out of biological reasons. It is all about the testosterone. It is a hormone that men have more than women. In human reproduction, both testosterone and estrogen play a vital role. But, testosterone can do more that estrogen can’t.

Testosterones are more than just reproductive hormones. They also fuel the red blood cells or hemoglobin. These are protein components in the human blood carrying the oxygen. Therefore, men having testosterone can produce more. This gives men a higher endurance to any kind of physical activity, such as running. Running requires the production of oxygen, so having an ample supply of oxygen in their hemoglobin makes men run faster than women.

It was believed that proper training and frequent practice can enable women to do as good as men. But, so far in record it has not happened yet, even in the Olympics. By the book, male world record is eleven percent faster than female world record in running.

The testosterone also promotes more strength and muscle production. These are two things important in physical activity. Men’s heart is also bigger than females. The heart is important in pumping the oxygen. Exercise makes the heart bigger but in studies where women were made to do the same activity as men. Their heart did not grow at all. Call it unfair for women but that’s how our bodies were made. You can call it a biological advantage.

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