Why Do Men Tease Women?

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Why Do Men Tease Women

There are two forms of teasing that men are guilty of practicing. First is mean teasing. Women are not really exempted from this but in general it’s the men who made this an art form. They would tease women or other people for their flaws and faults. In high school this is called bullying.

According to behavior experts, this form of teasing is actually a form of covering up for one’s own shortcomings and flaws. You point other people’s faults so others won’t see yours. The other form of teasing is the more positive one. It’s called playful teasing. Men tease women to get their attention.
Experts believe that it’s part of the mating process of the human species. It’s like when two dogs fight first before getting into heated mating. Men are considered the superior physical specimen over women but it comes to attraction it becomes a level playing field.

Teasing becomes a joust to prove to women that men have the skills or physical abilities they are looking for in a mate. Men tease women often about their hair and how they dress. To some it may sound insulting but for men it’s really not. Instead it’s a form of compliment that says the women got their attention through their hair style and the way they dress.

Studies have shown that men tend to be more visual when it comes to choosing the women they want to be with. Teasing reinforces that belief. Unless there is a clear hatred of the individual, men teasing women often means they like what they see and they want to see more of it on a regular basis. In addition, men are also generally shy when it comes to women who catch their fancy and so teasing becomes a form of ice breaker. When women react it usually means the game is on.

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