Why Do Men use Baby Powder?


Why Do Men use Baby Powder?

I used to always think that I was kind of different because I always wanted to keep myself smelling and feeling good before I went out with friends or went on a date or anything like that. I have always liked using lotions and other moisturizers to keep my skin smooth and smelling interesting. It always made me feel extra clean and on top of my game. A lot of my guy friends did not ever do the same thing and often gave me a bit of a hard time about my willingness to do so. I never really minded since it was always out of love, but it definitely got me thinking as to why more guys did not do the same things that I did.

One of my favorite products to use was always baby powder. Baby powder is one of the best products to use for someone who was born with a little bit rougher and drier skin than most people. Applying the powder makes sure that, even if you tend to sweat like I do, your skin will remain soft and smooth throughout the entire day and is even waterproof if you decide to take a swim or anything like that. Water can be a major cause for dry skin, so using the baby powder will definitely take that away quickly.

I will probably always be into using lotions and powders for as long as I live and that is totally OK with me. It is just part of my everyday process of getting ready to start my day or night. Having smooth and moist skin is actually very healthy and finding the right products to keep those things under control is very important to keeping your skin’s health completely under control. I know that I would probably not go a day without applying some good lotion or cream to my skin. I take my skin’s look and feel very important and it has definitely paid off for me thus far.

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  1. Pavlos

    August 20, 2012 7:30 pm

    After having done some research on this I’ve found that Baby Powder should NOT be used by adults as it is cornstarch based and therefore serves as a bacterial breeding ground when combined with moisture (sweat). This is not a problem for infants because of the frequency of diaper changes (and therefore cleanings of the area) but an adult who starts his day with an application of Baby Powder won’t “cleanse” that area until the end of the day.

    Adults should use Talcum Powder instead. There’s a large variety specifically for men and they come in a plethora of scents to better combine with any other care products used.


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