Why Do Men Use Steroids?

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Why Do Men Use Steroids?

Anything in excess is not good. Steroids are one thing popularly abused these days. What are steroids? And why are they being used abusively especially among men?

Men abuse steroids because of a couple of reasons. Hunger for excellence and vanity are the two reasons that anyone can easily point out. Athletes and bodybuilders are the ones who commonly use this substance.

A steroid is a chemical which is useful to decrease swelling and inflammation in no time. A kind of steroid called Corticosteroid is used to treat Arthritis. It has substances that are used to heal inflammation. It is recommended by health professionals in a low dose and in a short period of time. It is because a high amount of steroids has unpleasant side effect on users. Corticosteroid though is not the same as Anabolic Steroids.

Anabolic Steroids are drugs used to increases the level of performance in athletes. This is what the call for excellence results to. Athletes are not completely confident on their innate skill that is why they resort into the abusing steroids. Abuse of steroids enhances their performance. It builds up muscle that makes them stronger. The increase in strength makes it possible for them to perform even better.

Steroids are also being abused by men for a simple reason of vanity. If you think that women are superficial. You might want to think twice. If anorexia is rampant in women there is also a health or self-image problem among men. Some of them look at themselves and think that they are not strong enough even if they are. They use steroids to grow more muscles unnaturally. This is also common among body builders. Steroids will save them from working out long hours to get the body they think is ideal. This only tells us to love ourselves as we are.

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