Why do Men wear Earrings?

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Why do Men wear Earrings?

Having an earring, or two or even more for men seems to be a normal thing nowadays. There’s the sub-culture of the punks, the gangs with the bling-blings and there are also those cultural tribes who have it in their tradition to have men wear earrings. So why do men do so?

The answer to this is many. Despite of the fact that in formal places, like in the workroom or in a job interview it is most proper to not wear earring, a lot of men still do so. Popular kinds of earrings that men wear range from plain one to diamond studs, loops or hoops made of metals like silver, gold, platinum and steel to name a few.

Here are several popular reasons why men wear earrings. If back in history, earrings are perceived to be symbols, either of slavery or of being up the social ranks, some men these days wear earrings plainly for aesthetic reasons. There are some men these days that wear earrings as a trend. This is most known to the young. Another reason to wear is for traditional purposes followed in a specific religion. An example would be Hindu practices wherein as a male child reaches the age of 3 or five, the practice of piercing is done to him, which is followed by a feast where in close kinds are invited to celebrate.

Men also wear earrings as a form of status symbol. When a man wears diamond studs or golden hoops, it is a way for them to boast their wealth or even a safe way to invest of their money. For actors, some wear earrings so they could fit in the role of a gangster or outlaw, and then there are those men who wear earrings since the set of jewels was a gift from their significant others. Come to think of it, a lot of girls nowadays think that men who wear earring are sexy.

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