Why do Men wear ties?

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Why do men wear ties?

Some say that men wear ties as a mark of ego. Some have suggested that wearing a tie will cover up the improperly made, or arranged buttons on the shirt. Men wear ties to also cover up any spots on their shirt. It is said that men normally toggle with the tie knot at the neck while they are eating. This might be to hide any food that has fallen on their shirt by mistake when they are putting it in their mouths.

If we go back into history, in 1660, during the celebrations of Croatia’s victory over the Ottoman Empire, the soldiers were felicitated as heroes. The army officers in the winning team were wearing thick, colored handkerchiefs around their neck. This wrapping of silk cloths round their neck might have been inherited from the Romans. Romans used scarfs to cover their necks while giving speeches in order to keep their vocal chords warm. This style by the Romans was followed by the king for a fancy purpose, and later this tradition was used as signal for royalty. Based on this style, a new regiment of ‘royal cravattes’ was made.

This tradition has been transferred to England, where people started to feel that it is not gentle to dress up without any kind of cloth around the neck. They became so fond of these cravattes that men used to wear such big ones that they could not even move their heads comfortably. This classic style was gradually followed till now, but in another fashion form called the ‘Tie’.

Keeping view of the fact that wearing of the tie is a symbol of royalty, many companies have made it a part of their dress code. Today there are people who use the dressing style for luck, as well as for their day-to-day life. People started giving importance to the size and color of the ties they wear. So people believe that the tie brings luck, as well as being simply used for decorative purposes.

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