Why do Mexicans speak Spanish?

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Why do Mexicans speak Spanish?

Mexicans occupy the Central American region which borders the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. English is considered as the de facto national language of United States. It is not illegal or breaking any law by the Americans, if they speak in language other than English. English is the accepted language of them and it does not mean that Mexicans cannot speak in other language. Mexicans speak Spanish as the Mexico was under the control of Spanish people. The Spanish dominance in Mexico led the Mexicans to consider Spanish as their official language.
Mexicans speak in various different Native American languages and none of them is retained permanently in the region. Most of the Mexicans who speak native language also could speak Spanish. It is necessary for the people to speak in English in businesses, schools, stores and offices. It is every one’s right to speak in any language at their home or with their family and friends. Mexicans preferred to speak in Spanish.
Christopher Columbus sailed for America by representing Spain. The Spanish rule occupied many lands over there and Spanish became the popular language in the complete South America. But, in Mexico the people were having threat for Aztecs who were invading Mexico. Mayans also lived in Mexico and were slowly vanishing with the intrusion of the Spanish. When Aztecs were conquered by another ruler by name Cortez in a big war, the Spanish totally occupied Mexico. At this period, the culture and language of the Spanish spread into the Mexican society.
The Spanish invaders conquered Central and South America and had spread their language to the Americans by colonizing in America. The Spanish settled with the Native Americans and influenced them to an extent that Spanish was learnt by the Americans as one of their domestic languages. The native people were forced to get accustomed to the Spanish language and adapt to their culture. Hence, Mexicans speak Spanish.

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