Why do Midgets have night vision?

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Why do Midgets have night vision?

Midget is one term that is most commonly associated with a medical condition known as dwarfism. The term, midget, is referred to as one person who is extremely short. Such term is most often used as an alternative for the word dwarf. Although synonymously coined in reference to shortness, midget specifically denotes a short person with body proportions similar to sizes of normal persons while dwarfs are characterized by disproportionately short limbs. It was in 1865 when the term midget was first coined to describe one for shortness. And because of a man named Phineas Taylor Barnum, who founded the circus and included the character of General Tom Thumb, who was a dwarf, the term became popular known and used all over the world. Although sometimes used a derogatory word in its sense, the word midget is formally defined by Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary as a very diminutive person.
There are several ideal traits of midgets being identified by researchers. Midgets are believed to possess the traits of subservience, strength, ignorance, adaptability, night vision, and farming skills. Subservience is their ability to understand that they are inferior and is subject to the will of their master. Strength, ignorance and adaptability are traits that need no further explanation as well as their farming skills because these are essential for them to survive. Midgets in possession of a night vision in one interesting trait. Midgets have night vision because it serves as their guide and protection in detecting undesirable creatures that may harm them. More so, midgets have night vision so that they can look for food without the need of light. This also serves as a warning device that allows them to focus even from far distances, especially when they are out in the woods.

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