Why do minors drink?

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Drinking by minors and underage people is an ongoing problem in society.  In many countries in the world, kids are exposed early to this vice, and not many of them get out of this dilemma happy and healthy.  Minor people drink for many reasons, but studies have shown that many of these underage children have similar backgrounds and stories from which they indulge in this kind of activity.

Many minors perceive alcohol as something that can give them confidence and power.  And true enough, alcoholic drinks are actually like drugs that have mind-altering effects.  Those who drink often typically experience an emotional high, and this gives a certain level of happiness and confidence to the person involved. When a person is happy doing something, like drinking, this particular person is then more likely to do it repeatedly.

Some minors also drink because of peer pressure.  Many minors would admit that some of their friends got them into drinking with a couple of them forced into the situation.  If one wants to be part of a group or be perceived as cool, for example, he/she may be forced to do the activities of his/her friends like drinking.  Some kids are also influenced with their environment at home.  It is said that minors are predisposed to drinking when a family member is also into drinking.

There are also kids who drink because they want to feel and look like adults.  They mimic what older people do, and they often think that it is a good idea to drink under certain conditions.  In the case of a kid having a problem in school, he/she may start to drink alcohol because it is “what older people do.” Others are also exposed to drinking because the adults around them let them do whatever they want unrestricted. Many of these kids fail to get the guidance that they need from sober adults so they continue doing the activity despite knowing the bad effects of the habit.

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