Why do Miscarriages happen?

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Why do Miscarriages happen?

Miscarriage is the abortion of embryo or fetus spontaneously occurring before the development of it happens completely. This might happen long before the woman knows that she is conceived. There are few types of miscarriages that can happen. A pregnant woman will have bleeding but the heartbeat will be normal for the baby which is termed as threatened pregnancy. If the fertilized ovum has still not developed much and if it leads to abortion then it can be due to blighted ovum. Intensive bleeding and cramps might be due to inevitable abortion. Sometimes a miscarriage will not expel the pregnancy contents out of the body which is termed as incomplete miscarriage. The other type of miscarriage is called missed miscarriage where the fetus, placenta, and other elements of the pregnancy will not be discharged completely for few weeks though the fetus is aborted. Recurrent miscarriage is repeated occurrence of abortions.

The main cause that is expected for loss of pregnancy is to have a random abnormality in the chromosomes. This might happen during the time of fertilization. The 23 chromosomes present in the egg and sperm nuclei combine together to form 46 chromosomes after fertilization. This combination of chromosomes will not happen properly which can result in the miscarriage. The development of the fetus will be retarded by this incorrect chromosomal pairing.

Other reasons for the miscarriage might be due to the abnormal levels of the hormones, uncontrollable diabetes, exposed to hazards at the workplace and environmental dangers like toxic agents and radiation agents, infections, abnormalities in uterus, and opening of cervix before the pregnancy term did not complete. Some drugs like Accutane also can result in miscarriages.

Apart from the above reasons there are also some behaviors which can enhance the miscarriage risk. They are smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs. Smoking adds nicotine into the blood stream which will cause the fetus to get less oxygen. This might result in pregnancy loss.

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