Why Do Monsoons Occur?

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Why do monsoons occur?

Monsoon is a yearly phenomenon in the weather. This monsoon will originate from the rotation of the earth with respect to the Sun. The winds of the monsoon are annual and the duration of the monsoons, the rain intensity and the time at which it attacks cannot be predicted. Hence, the prediction of the storm is also not possible.

Monsoons occur due to difference in temperatures in the sea and that of the land. The air on the land is heated by the sun light. The heat in the air present on the waters of seas and oceans will be absorbed by the water and hence the air on the sea will be cool comparatively. This implies correctly to Asia, as the Northern Hemisphere is mostly land while the area of southern hemisphere is filled with ocean. In the summer time there will be a sharp angle formed by the earth with the sun. Therefore, the sunlight falls straight on the northern hemisphere. The air on this land will get warmer which moves high up in the atmosphere. So the gap is filled by the movement of cool air that is formed on the oceans of southern hemisphere towards north. The moisture is also carried by the cool air to the north.

Moisture is considered as reason for rains in Asia during summer. This phenomenon is called as southwest or summer. This cycle continues as the moisture along with cool air moves to another place there will be deficiency of moisture and energy at the original place. This allows the air to get warmer in that region. The hot air again moves high up in the atmosphere and comes down in the form of waters into the ocean. This air loses heat again and will have moisture content. The moist air travels towards northern hemisphere and displaces the warm air. This again results in rain. The cycle will go on repeatedly. This cycle takes place in every summer. Monsoon winds are considered as the source for rains that occur in most of the countries of south Asia.

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