Why do Mormons go on missions?

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Global distribution of LDS Church members in 2009

Mormons are members and followers of The Church of Latter Day Saints.  Many of them serve their church by being involved in various missions in their locality or even in different parts of the world. With so many Mormons around the world going on a mission for their church, many people have also wondered regarding this practice. Some have asked if going to the different missions of the church is a requirement for followers. Many have also noticed that Mormon missionaries are typically young men and women.  The basic reason for Mormons to go on missions is their faith. It is their belief that spreading the good news of their church is actually a good thing and the people around the world deserves to get this good news. In the process, Mormons also hope to educate other people of their church’s beliefs and principles which may eventually be a key factor in terms of converting other people to become members of their church.

Young men and women by the age of 19 or 21 are typically sent out to missions that involved preaching the good news from the Bible and the practices of their church. It is not a requirement though for every young Mormon follower to go on a mission. Many young people go to missions because of tradition. Their parents and grandparents also served as the church’s missionaries during their time and these young people basically try to replicate their elders and do their share in terms of serving their church. Most missions are done for up to about 2 years and after which, each Mormon may decide to continue supporting the other activities of the church. There are also other missions intended for older people like retirees. Most missions for older people involve outreach programs and various humanitarian efforts.  Some also go to missions involving serving the church. Senior couples for example may go to missions of the church and become church or temple workers. Oftentimes, many Mormons decide to go on missions because they simply enjoy serving their church and other people.

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