Why do Mormons marry so young?

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Why do Mormons marry so young?

Mormons are the people who follow the Mormon fundamentalism and are part of Latter Day Saint movement. Mormon Church members have their own way of dating practices. The dating and courtship patterns of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) in western countries were very conservative. It changes and varies among various cultures. The Mormons have a rule that they should not date, until the age of sixteen. Generally young people today perform dating without any age limit and they do not even have it in their minds that they are going to marry in the future. The current dating pattern did influence the LDS youth.
LDS youth do not start dating before 16 years. They start with steady form of dating and courtship and carryout for longer period. The Mormons tend to be very serious about their dating procedure and they are very sure that they are going to get married. The LDS men would wait until their mission gets completed and the LDS women wait for their high school to be completed in order to get married. Mormons believe that the dating should be chaste and pure before the marriage. The chastity would lead to temple marriage in which the couple will make strong commitments and promises to each other in the sacred place and start to live together.
Latter Day Saints believe that chastity before marriage is very important as per the statements made in the Holy Scriptures. The Holy Scriptures also found to have stressed on Chastity as a dominant virtue in the young people. The Mormons do not encourage themselves to participate in the sexual activities before marriage. The sexual relations outside the marriage are sinful and they are accepted and considered sacred within marriage. Hence, the young people in Mormons are allowed to marry in order to avoid committing any sinful activity and perform any evil that would ruin their lives later. That is why Mormons date seriously and try to get married immediately without having other dating relationships. They remain committed to one person and live together with them forever. To remain pure and to avoid doing any sin, Mormons marry while they are young.

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