Why do Musicians wear Earpieces?

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Why do Musicians wear Earpieces?

The musicians consider the ear pieces that they wear when they are performing, as they avoid intense sounds to reach the ears. The musicians always work near the speakers than the audience and so they hear to those very often. The music that is generated in the recording center will reach the musicians ear directly from the mixing desk. Due to this, the musicians will be able to hear the original sound that is fed to the PA system other than the other distracting noises. The musicians will be able to hear the exact sound of the music than the sounds of the drum kits and any other local sounds.

Musicians would like to hear their own performance in spite of various other sources of sound. The PA system, crowd noise, high volume levels, and onstage amplifiers of the other players in the orchestra make the musician difficult to hear his own performance or hear his own instrument. If the musician wants to hear self performance, the speakers can be turned towards him facing him. These speakers are wedge shaped which are placed near the musicians on the stage. The speakers that are square shaped are kept at both the sides of the stage to provide the performers still more clear tracks of their own.

These loud speaker monitor system really is problematic to the performers on the stage. The performers have to enhance the speaker volume levels to listen to their own source more than that of other sources of sound made by the other stage performers. The engineers who take care of these loud speakers will have a challenge in maintaining them. So, those who are on the stage will hear much noises and higher sound levels which is ear-breaking. To overcome this problem, personal monitoring of sound has come into existence. The use of ear phone has provided an opportunity for the musicians to hear the improved quality of their voice heard through the ear pieces at reduced sound levels.

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