Why Do Muslims Circle the Kaaba Seven Times?

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kaaba-656775_640Why Do Muslims Circle the Kaaba Seven Times?

Seven as a number is not just something special among the Muslims but even among Christians as well. This indeed is a number which is often than not associated to good luck, best number, sacred and the like. Seven therefore is regarded by many as their most favorite number, the number that they always consider something important and special.

In relation to faith and religion, seven as a number has been both cited quite a number of times by the Quran and the Bible. Not to mention other great world re-known religions which put number seven at their pedestal. Among the Muslims, seven is part of a sacred and sanctimonious ceremony which they observe as part of their Hajj. It is said that in the Holy book of Quran, the Almighty Allah told every one of His faithful followers to roam around the ‘Kaaba’ seven times in an anti-clockwise manner. This is a serious commandment from their God himself in which every Muslim should faithfully and carefully follow and observe.

In the Quran as well, it was noted clearly that the venerable father Abraham’s wife named Hajar (Hagar for the Christians) did run two hills namely, the famous hills of Safa and Marva for seven times in order for them to look for water to be given to her thirsty crying baby. Therefore it is expected from all the Muslims to likewise run seven times in order to commemorate the deeds of their ancestors. It is also mentioned that Allah himself did create seven wonderful skies and our very own world is but one of the parts of these seven which Allah has created. Finally, Muslims therefore should never forget to do the circling of the Kaaba for seven times as their way of empathizing the humility and patience of Allah and the Quran personalities like Abraham’s wife Hajar.

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