Why Do Muslims Have Beards?

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Why Do Muslims Have Beards?

Moslem Scholars agree with one reality in answering this question in view of the Muslims sporting or having beards: Prophet Muhammad wants them to grow beards because of the simple fact that he did not wish them to have a similar appearance or look like those of the pagans. Obviously, Prophet Muhammad during those times was simply concerned with the security of his followers and growing beard is one concrete means of identifying who are Muslims and who are pagans. Safety and security in the olden times was one practice which religious leaders pay attention very seriously. The safer the community of believers were the greater chances of moving for progress.

Another specific reason why the revered prophet requires all male Muslims to grow beards is for cultural and traditional reasons. He being a leader and a messenger of Allah grew beard for religious purposes and for socio-cultural as well, thus all his followers should therefore do the same. This deed and practice of following Prophet Muhammad who was their leader is definitely following Allah Himself whom Muhammad follows to the letter. This cultural and traditional practice is indeed so interesting that a lot of non-Muslim scholars and academicians considered growing beards as well just to feel that sense of empathizing what the Muslim world is observing. Growing beards in short can be considered as an act of faithfulness and dedication of oneself to God.

Having beards make every Muslim distinct and different with the rest of the pagan world who continually does whatever please them. As Muslims, the beard that they grow becomes a living reminder of their faithfulness and sacrificial offering of their lives to Allah and Prophet Muhammad’s service. Moreover, growing beards is in fact considered as a hadeeth, meaning to say, an important part of their culture and tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (Sunnah) which is contrary to the common belief that growing beard is a direct command of Allah written in the Holy Book of Qur’an.

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