Why Do Muslims Wear Hijab?

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Why Do Muslims Wear Hijab?

Hijab is a body covering traditionally worn by Muslim women around the head or the style of dress they wear everyday. The word Hijab means ‘curtain or cover,, these are the clothes that cover the body except the face and the hands.

Many people (Non Muslim) don’t understand why Muslim women wear this style of clothing. Women seen with this type of clothing is automatically recognized as Muslim, but the clothes are not meant just for recognition. It holds other virtues and values important in the Muslim society.

Muslim women wear the Hijab around strangers (especially males) that they do not consider as part of their family. It is believed that this ‘lessens the chance of them having bad thoughts about them, this includes sexual desires and other bad things. They believe that the external part of a person is not important but what it inside. If people would judge you on the way you look, then they are not people worth wasting your time with. Those people only appreciate physical beauty and not your internal one.

Although there are times when wearing a Hijab can cause racism and criticism from other people. Many Muslim women wear it even today, especially on other countries. They want people to accept them for what they really are, and what they see them to be. If only people would understand the real meaning behind the dress then they would understand the reason why Muslim women wear them. People can change their clothes, religion and even their faces, but they will have a hard time to change their personalities. That is what wearing the Hijab signifies, knowing a person for what they really are, and not on ‘what you think they are,.

Our races and beliefs might differ, but everyone is entitled to be respected. No matter who or what they are, for we are all equals in the eye of God.

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