Why do my hair roots hurt?

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Why do my hair roots hurt?

Hair is part of the anatomy of most living organism. As a filamentous material, hair is visible part among mammals, particularly seen in the nose and ears. Mainly made up of protein, known as keratin, such composition assembles in a rope like fashion that provides strength to the shaft of the hair. The two distinct structures that hair often refers is hair follicle and the shaft. The hair follicle maintains stem cells that allow hair to re-grow and the shaft is the hard filamentous part. The basic function of the hair’s existence is to provide protection and regulate the temperature of mammals. For animals, the hair serves as camouflage and provides signals to other animals primarily to defend its race. For humans, the hair helps in keeping the sense organs, but it also serves as protection. it also has a significant social effect. As one of the most noticeable part, proper grooming of hair has become one important habit among humans, especially among the female gender.

One part of the hair is its roots. Many people have complained that their hair root is painful. The most common cause of painful hair roots is the daily stress or pulling of the hair. However, poor personal hygiene could also be the cause. When the waste products from the scalp are not properly removed, an inflammation can precipitate within the scalp tissue and the surrounding follicles. As there is inflammation, pain on hair roots can be evidently felt. In serious like this, it is vital that medical attention is rightfully sought for proper interventions to be initiated and adequate treatment can be implemented.

Today, various styles of hair have continuously emerged. From simple cuts to complex hairdos, hair has become one statement that most people variedly express.

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