Why do Nails grow?

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Why do Nails grow?

Nails are normally part of the human system, which constitute the physical appearance of man. Nails are specifically found on the fingers and the toes and can be grown or cut, depending on how one desires it to be. Nails are also considered appendages along with the hair that is typically comprised of several parts, which bear certain distinct functions. One of which is their aesthetic function. The nails protect the fingertips and the surrounding tissues from trauma or injury as well as enhancing the fingers from its delicate actions. More so, nails exist due to its great contributions in enabling a firmer grip in handling objects and in honing the fingers’ sensitivity.

The only living part of the nail resides under the skin, at the nail’s closer end beneath the outer layer of the skin. While humans grow in size and thought, the body parts grow in various ways as well. The nails, in particular, are just one of the parts that have the ability to grow at a rapid rate. Nails grow because these are naturally made of fast growing cells, keratin, same as what composes the hair. As nails grow, the cells undergo a mechanism that permits nails to grow and wear out easily.

In such light , it can be greatly implicated that the growth of nails are due to the natural mechanisms that living entities experience along with the several factors that affect its growth such as age, lifestyle and nourishment.

Undertaking the normal life cycle, nails grow basically because they are part of life that needs to be sustained and nourished. Thus, they grow along with the other parts of the body as well. it is vital therefore, that every part of the body is well taken cared of.

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